There are just too many to literally list but here are a few favorites....

FC Lutz von dem Radbach: Owned by Alvin Schwager.  Imported from Germany by Robert Holcomb.  One of the foundation dogs for RADBACH in USA.  His short life produced fifteen field champions and four Duals.  Lutz is rated in the ALL Time Top Sires of Dual Champions and Field Champions (G.S.P.C.A.). Member of the Hall of Fame (G.S.P.C.A.).

FC Radbach's Bimbo: owned by Dr. William & Helen Peters.  Bimbo won 5 x NWFTC Dog of the Year.  No other dog has beat his record.  The only winning son of Axel von Wasserschling  (Germany) in the USA.  He won 110 1st place Field Trial points, which make him a Field Champion eleven times.  He had enough Field Trial points in Canada to be a Canadian Field champion three times over.  He could run in All Age stakes on the same day he ran in Gun dog stakes.  Bimbo was listed in the Top Ten (G.S.P.C.A.) from 1968 to 1972.  He was biddable as a personal hunting dog and knew the difference between Field Trials and hunting.   Bimbo loved the water and loved to retrieve the ducks. Bimbo is a member of the Hall of Fame (G.S.P.C.A.)

FC/AFC Timberlane's Grit: was owned by Robert & Karyn Kline.  Grit finished his Field Champion title when he was only two years old.  He was handled and trained by Robert Holcomb.  He didn't have points in Puppy or Derby stakes.  All his wins were in adult stakes.  Grit got Northwest Dog of the Year by defeating 877 other dogs, in 1978.  He had over 60 A.K.C. broke dog placements.  In 1976 he finished #6 in Open Gun Dog ranking (G.S.P.C.A.), and in 1977 he finished #3.  In 1978 he finished in the Top Ten (G.S.P.C.A.) rankings in all three adult categories, Open Gun Dog (#2), Amateur Gun Dog, and All Age.  Grit was also Bob Kline's personal hunting dog.

FC Radbach's Kohoutek, Son of Bimbo, Northwest Dog of the Year , Top 10 GSPCA, Owners: Dr. William and Helen Peters.  

FC/AFC Timberlane's Grit's Gus  was owned by Winifred Davis  (now age 98) and is the son of FC/AFC Timberlane's Grit.   Gus, under Bob Deitering's  handling/training, won several N.G.S.P.A. Regional Shooting Dog Championships.  Gus has won horses, guns and many great trophies.  He was an exceptional dog with a fantastic nose. He finished Runner Up in the 1990 G.S.P.C.A. Gun Dog rankings.





FC/AFC Timberlane's Ruff & Rowdy: Won Region 9 Shooting Dog Championship (N.G.S.P.A.) Runner Up at Region 10 Shooting Dog.  41 A.K.C. Field Trial placements.  Outstanding personal hunting dog (foot handled).  Strong RADBACH bloodline.

Rowdy was owned by Bob & Karyn Kline



CH / AFC Radbach's Trey Von Fritz

  Trey gave us a lot of excitement. 

He finished his American Field Title by winning the N.G.S.P.A. Region 10 All Age Championship.  Trey's story.jpg (305920 bytes)He finished his show championship in what could almost be considered a fluke.  He was entered more to show support of the Oregon GSP Specialty show than anything.  Trey turned this "fluke" into reality by winning 3 back to back 5 point majors in one week end!  (see attached news article - click to enlarge).  Trey was owned by Bob & Karyn Kline





FC Radbach's Timberlane Rebel:  Son of FC/AFC Timberlane's Grit's Gus.  Exceptional personal hunting dog.  (Foot handled)

Rebel was owned by Bob & Karyn Kline

Radbach's Red Rock Ripper:  Male, One of Bob Kline's very favorites.  Exceptional nose and handled like a dream.


Ripper was owned by Bob & Karyn Kline



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