This is a picture Mr. Bob Holcomb taken when he lived in Military Housing in California.  He is pictured with one of the first GSPs he brought from Germany.

Here is Mr. Holcomb with his son Grant.

Bill Anderson's DIVA pointing a covey of chukars.

TIA'S puppies at the milk bar.

After a day of chukar hunting.

TREY and littermate pointing a pheasant wing

OCHO pointing pheasant wing.

Bob Holcomb training in Fort Lewis.

Ivy and Chili owned by John Connell of Oregon.

Karyn and Rebel hanging with the big boys in Reno!

Timberlane's Axel, (son of FC/AFC Timberlane's Grit) owned & loved by Bill Kennedy.

"Radbach's Gretta & Larry Betker, Bend OR."  Guess who owns who?

Deika von Wasserbach, Owned & loved by Frank & Carolyn Muterspaw, San Jose, California.

Radbach's Ayla, Owned by Dr. & Mrs. David Deck in Hamilton, Montana.

Meg & Rowdy belong to Scott and Jenny Taylor in Carnation, WA. This is what Meg & Rowdy like to do when they're not celebrating Christmas!

Radbach's Charlie, Owned by Bill Kennedy.

Radbach's Marcus, owned by Dr. & Mrs. Ernest Grubb, Lacey, WA

Treya belongs to Ed & Alyson Schilke, Sequim, WA

Steve & Connie Johnson of Portland Oregon are proud owners of Max.

Puppy Love! Ocho at 9 weeks.

Ocho belongs to Carol Greata in MA




This dog (Match's Radar) is the sire of FC/AFC Dame Sophia Radbach.  With his Master….Randy.

Radbach's Merlot, Owned and loved by Jamie Connell

Winifred (Peggy) Davis & FC/AFC Timberlanes Grit's Gus.

The name "Timberlanes" belongs to Winifred Davis or "Peggy". Peggy is now 98 years old.  She handled all her dogs in both the show ring and in the field.  She owned the first DUAL (field  + show) Male Canadian/American GSP !   His name was Timberlanes ACE.  He was on the cover of Bede Maxwell book on GSP's (first edition).  "Timberlane" is Peggy's kennel name, but RADBACH bloodline. She is the oldest living client of Bob Holcombs.

Karyn's Irish sence of humor gets the best of her when her "secret admirers" presented this "Super Babe" tee shirt to her after a field trial!

KMK Radbach Rip'n Riki v Greif pointing birds at 9 weeks.  Owned by Kitty Keiner in California

."RIVER DOG" Riki pictured below by Kitty Keiner

Radbach's MOJO, with big brother Oggie, owned by Bill & Christy Ferris, Duval, WA

Deika after her  first place Open Puppy (at six months) at the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Santa Clara Valley.  What a pretty girl, lots of style and animation.  Owned and love by Frank & Carolyn Muterspaw

Deika's second puppy win in California 11-9-03.  Photo is of: Deika, Owner: Frank Muterspaw, and Scout: Dave La Chance

Porsche loved and owned by Randy Wallace, TX

Diva chukkar hunting at Grand Ronde -- Diva is owned by Bill Anderson

Radbach's Ziggy also owned by Bill Anderson.
Bob and Karyn Kline
(360) 638-2726

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